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Welcome in our hotel in Val di Peio

Gran Zebrù Hotel is situated in Val di Pejo at the feet of the Alps in a wonderful position in the middle of Stelvio National Park. It is run with care and with professionalism by the Moreschini Family.

It is the ideal place for people who dream a relaxing holiday fully in contact with nature. The delicate perfume of local woods fills the bedrooms of our hotel.

The food, very rich in flavours, but also very fresh and light, is cooked using precious first class typical Trentino’s products.

We really care about nature: our hotel in Trentino has been built according to the most modern low energy consumption technologies, heating is in fact guaranteed by a pellet wood burning system, electric energy by a photovoltaic power system.

Hotel in Val di peio - Hotel Gran Zebrù
Pacchetto sinistra homepage, Sport - 06.01 - 12.01

Sport - 06.01 - 12.01

Once you book in our hotel you will receive free Peio ski pass.

Pacchetto centro homepage, Opportuniti Card & Guest Card -10.06.2018- 24.09.2018

Opportuniti Card & Guest Card -10.06.2018- 24.09.2018




Soggiorna da noi all'hotel Gran Zebrù e aprofitta senza limiti di una lunga serie di vantaggi...


Pacchetto destra homepage, “Speciale Marzo” Package Holiday – 16.03-23.03

“Speciale Marzo” Package Holiday – 16.03-23.03

Once you book in our hotel you will receive free ‘Peio’ ski pass.