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Cross-country skiing in Val di Sole

Alternative to alpine skiing

01 January 2021

Cross-country skiing in Val di Sole | Active Hotel Gran Zebrù


Cross-country skiing in Val di Sole


Cross-country skiing is a winter sport technique belonging to the Nordic skiing group, it is a sport that allows you to immerse yourself in close contact with nature and avoid any type of gathering. In recent years it has become an increasingly popular activity

The cross-country trails are located within the historic Stelvio National Park, they develop in a flat valley, suitable for those approaching this sport for the first time or for those who want to enjoy relaxing skiing. The center enjoys a splendid panorama and is sunny for most of the day.

The cross-country track is located 100 meters from the hotel and the equipment is completely free for our guests directly inside the hotel. The track develops for a total of 5 km of track, which can be carried out in both classic and free technique.

Inside the hotel it is possible, on request, to try this activity accompanied by the owner who is a ski instructor.

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