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Parti tranquillo, ti assicuriamo noi


30 January 2023

Parti tranquillo, ti assicuriamo noi | Active Hotel Gran Zebrù

Insure your HOLIDAY!

We advise you to activate this travel policy, this insurance allows you to insure yourself against penalties for cancellation or interruption of stay.

illness, with coverage for both Covid-19 and quarantine
dismissal, layoffs, mobility, hiring
appointing or summoning the insured as a juror, witness or justice of the peace
extraordinary and unforeseeable material damage to the home that requires the presence of the person concerned
theft of identity documents necessary for expatriation occurring in the 5 days prior to the departure date
impossibility to reach the place of departure due to accident or breakdown along the way
pathologies of pregnancy

You can therefore book your stay safely with the certainty that you will not lose anything!

For more information go to the link: