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Una scelta sostenibile per il futuro della nostra montagna

12 April 2021

Plastic free  | Active Hotel Gran Zebrù

Since 2019 the choice of the Pejo 3000 Ski area has been to say goodbye to plastic. A demanding decision that earned the pretty ski area in the Stelvio National Park the title of the first plastic free ski area in the world. Now, after more than a year, the time has come to involve the structures of Val di Pejo in this beautiful project and we, such as Active Hotel Gran Zebrù, have decided to accept the challenge and become part of this ambitious project. From summer 2021 the Active Hotel Gran Zebru 'will also be a #plasticfreezone structure. This project aims to preserve the environment in which we are lucky enough to be hosted, to allow the new generations to experience the mountain in its integrity and beauty.